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Home is a castle for each of us. We take care of it and try to make it more pleasant and comfortable. A problem with appliances drives everyone crazy, invites workers to repair, and spends money on every little shift. Many of us hate the things related to in-house repairs because repairs are not only expensive but also waste our money and time.

There are so many companies to choose from when buying a home with a warranty. American Home Shield popularly called AHS is a leading USA home warranty provider and a subsidiary of USA home warranty Service Master Company. American Home Shield was founded over 35 years ago and currently serves nearly 1.4 million customers in 49 states.

American Home Shield employees are committed to providing excellent service from the time you call with a problem until the moment the problem occurs. 

How does AHS Home Warranty Company Works?

The main idea of the American Home Shield is to provide a home warranty for every occasion and help keep home appliances and systems operational. The terms of the contract with American Home Shield are simple. You choose the package that best suits your needs, then sign a one-year contract and pay the required amount. From the moment you sign the contract, you no longer have to worry about a breakdown in your home – our policy will cover all necessary repairs to your home.

What services does AHS offer?

The basic AHS home warranty coverage covers the following appliances

Every home and every situation are different. The choice of a USA home warranty service depends on the specific situation. Before buying coverage, be sure to consider both the age of the household appliances and the age of the home. The AHS warranty plan saves a lot of money in the long term and is well worth it!

Benefits of having an AHS plan

If you don’t want to wait, sign up for an AHS home service contract. As with any other insurance policy, do not assume that you have co-insurance. Problems caused by neglect or lack of maintenance are not addressed. In these cases, you may have to spend money on repairs. In general, if your appliances are out of date and expensive to repair or replace, you need to get some protection i.e., home warranty services.


If you are looking for a home guarantee, AHS is one of your top options among other home warranty companies. Some USA home warranty companies offer very low prices, but that doesn’t mean you should choose the company that offers the lowest prices. Visit us for having a complete shield of your house. Here is the link to purchase the plan.


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